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Our kits include all the fabric needed to finish the fantastic quilt.
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Key Fob Hardware Set Cabin Rules Panel Ted in the Bed Kit
Key Fob Hardware Set
Our Price: $3.69
Cabin Rules Panel
Our Price: $8.95
Ted in the Bed Kit
Our Price: $9.95

With this kit and a strip of fabric, you can make a personalized key ring to match the personality of anyone on your list! The Key Fob Hardware Set is available for $3.69.

This is another panel which would make a great cabin quilt for your own place or to give to those friends who let you stay in theirs. A few blocks surrounding it, and you have the perfect quilt for in front of a fire. Colors include shades of brown, beige, tan, and green. It’s a cotton print, and the panel measures 24"x 44". It’s available for $8.95/panel.

This Ted in the Bed kit comes complete with the fabric and pattern, just add labor of love! These little teddy bears are the perfect size for little hands, and they can help teach about naptime! The kit with the pattern is available for $9.95.

American Byways panel Snow Buttons Cat Octagon
American Byways panel
Our Price: $14.49
Snow Buttons
Our Price: $18.71
Cat Octagon
Our Price: $18.95
This barn scene on the American Byways digital panel from Hoffman would make a great starting point for a quilt. The blocks or borders you surround it with can be as simple or unique as you want! The panel measures 27 x 44” and is available for $14.49.

Every month around the 25th, we feature a Christmas project that is discounted through the end of the month. It's our way of encouraging you to get a head start on Christmas 2017 and not wait until the last minute. Our Christmas project this month is Snow Buttons. It's an adorable wall hanging that features whimsical buttons. The finished quilt measures 10 x 12” and the kit includes the pattern, fabric, backing and buttons. The kit is normally $24.95, but with the 25% discount until April 1, it is $18.71.

We love our octagon table toppers around here because of the instant change of season or feel they can offer to any room. This newest one features adorable cats in all shapes and sizes. The kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $18.95.

Crabapple Hill Doll Quilt Kit Spring Basket Kite Wall Hanging
Spring Basket
Our Price: $19.95
Kite Wall Hanging
Our Price: $19.95

This doll quilt from Crabapple Hill design would be perfect to make for your granddaughters or little ones for Christmas. It’s such a sweet size at 20 x 24” and features a patchwork look with embroidered embellishments. The kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $19.95.

This beautiful wall hanging features a hand-embroidered bunny in a basket of flowers, and the binding is enhanced with prairie points tucked in. The finished piece measures 12 ½” square and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $19.95.

This cute wall hanging has a windy theme! It features a kite and pinwheels! The blue, red, yellow and cream offer a great Americana feel. The finished wall hanging measures 12 x 18” and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $19.95.

Hen & Chicks Pillow “Snowman Garland” Snowmen
Hen & Chicks Pillow
Our Price: $19.95
“Snowman Garland”
Our Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95

Hen & Chicks makes me think of the succulents in the garden. But it also makes me think of this adorable pillow. It provides an adorable way to practice the applique technique. This Hen & Chicks pillow kit is available for $19.95. We also have the pillow forms available.

“Snowman Garland” by Red Button Quilt Co. This wall hanging measures 16” x 16” with a kit price of $24.95 with the pattern included. Just the pattern and buttons are $12.25. The little snowmen buttons are just adorable!

Isn’t this little wall-hanging charming? Make it this summer and you’ll feel cooler! The finished quilt measures 16 x 16”. The pattern is $12.25, or you can get the kit and pattern for $24.95.
Christmas Pattern: Wintertyme Carpenter’s Candy Star Kit Little Red One
Little Red One
Our Price: $24.95

Every month around the 25th, we feature a Christmas project. It's our way of encouraging you to get a head start on Christmas 2016 and not wait until the last minute. This month we're featuring the Wintertyme quilt kit. The finished quilt measures 12 x 16" and kit includes the pattern. The regular price is $24.95.

I think the reason I like table toppers so much is because they provide instant gratification *and* they add pizzazz to a room or front porch with little effort. So here’s another fun one for you: Carpenter’s Candy Star. It measures 16 x 16” and the batiks are really quite soothing. The kit is available for $24.95.

Isn’t this adorable? Little red flowers framed so prettily. And the petal buttons are about as charming as can be. The finished quilt measures 14 ½ x 18” and the pattern and the buttons are included in the kit for $24.95.

Rippity Doo Dah Kit The Hen House Placemats Kit Boughs of Holly
Rippity Doo Dah Kit
Our Price: $24.95
Boughs of Holly
Our Price: $29.95
Isn’t this quilter quite charming? I love that she’s not afraid to rip (it builds character, right) and I especially love her ‘scissors’ earrings. And any quilter in Wichita should accept the ‘Doo Dah’ moniker proudly. The Rippity Doo Dah pattern alone is $16.25. The kit, which includes the pattern and the ‘scissors’ buttons, is available for $24.95. The kit does not include the hoop, however. The 12” hoop is available for $5.49.

Here’s another thing we love. The Hen House placemats. Okay, we love just about anything with the word “hen” attached, but these are really great. The kit contains enough to make 4 different placemats--each with a different lady (I’m a city girl so I’m really not sure if they are all hens)--and you only need to add batting. The kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $28.95.

This 20" square wall hanging features appliquéd holly leaves and berries in the quilt center, and holly leaves and tiny button berries in the borders. The vine is simple hand embroidery. The kit is available for $29.95 and includes everything but the backing. (Including the little red buttons!) It would make a great gift.

Happy Hexies The Great Outdoors Perfect Points Kit
Happy Hexies
Our Price: $29.95
The Great Outdoors
Our Price: $34.95
Perfect Points Kit
Our Price: $34.95

This little beauty uses the English Paper Piecing technique. Isn’t it adorable and oh-so colorful? At 18” square, I think it’s the perfect size if you want to try your hand at this technique. The kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $29.95.

This adorable baby quilt starts with a flannel panel and ends up with an amazing amount of adorableness. The great panel design offers nice visual interest, and the borders just frame it up nicely. The finished quilt measures 48 x 56”, and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $34.95.

These points are guaranteed to be perfect… only because they’re printed on a solid piece of fabric! This Perfect Points quilt starts with a cheater pattern and you can add borders to your heart’s content! The finished quilt measures 42 x 52” and the kit, which includes directions, is available for $34.95.

Sweet Meadow Baby Quilt Pete the Cat Quilt Kit Winter Scene
Sweet Meadow Baby Quilt
Our Price: $34.95
Pete the Cat Quilt Kit
Our Price: $34.95
Winter Scene
Our Price: $41.21

This gender neutral baby quilt is a great kit to have on hand because, well… it’s gender neutral! And it’s such an adorable and soft flannel. The finished quilt measures 40 x 43” and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $34.95.

You can do the quilt, the pillow, or both! And the pillow can hold Pete the Cat books! The quilt measures 39 x 54” and requires 1 ⅝ yards backing. The pattern is available for $8.75 and the kit is available for $34.95. The pillow kits are available here for $16.49.

This Winter Scene quilt is a great example of how borders can really enhance a panel. This finished quilt measures 51 x 70” and the kit includes directions. Normally the kit is $54.95, but with the Christmas Through the Year Challenge 25% discount, it's $41.21 until February 1.

Love Song Masculine EZ Throw Lavender Glory Quilt Kit
Love Song
Our Price: $42.95
Masculine EZ Throw
Our Price: $49.95
Lavender Glory Quilt Kit
Our Price: $52.95

We love this “love song” quilt for Valentines day. It’s simple to put together, and the pattern allows the fabric to show the love! The finished quilt measures 47 x 61” and the quilt, which includes the pattern, is available for $42.95.

Bears and buffalo and fish complement words of outdoor inspiration and dreams of a home on the range! This EZ Throw also features a single panel surrounded by a couple of borders. And it’s flannel, so it’s oh-so-soft. The finished throw measures 56 x 77” and the kit, which includes directions, is available for $49.95.

As I write this, I have the “Lavender’s Blue” song going in my head, because it seems to fit this quilt. Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, Lavender’s green… This quilt has lavender, blue & green in it, rounded out with salmon, grey and white. (I also have those silly Bud Light ‘Dilly, Dilly’ commercials in my head. I think the song is the better option!) The finished quilt measures 52 x 64” and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $52.95.

Ripple Quilt Kit Iced Tea Quilt Kit Chenille Sheep Kit
Ripple Quilt Kit
Our Price: $54.95
Iced Tea Quilt Kit
Our Price: $61.99
Chenille Sheep Kit
Our Price: $69.95

Isn’t this quilt impressive? Diagonal blocks form a diamond pattern which ripples out in a striking effect. The finished quilt measures 48 x 64” and requires 3 ¼ yards backing. The kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $54.95.

We really love the way this one turned out, too. It uses batiks designed by Edyta Sitar, who was a recent featured speaker at the September Prairie Quilt Guild meeting. The blocks are simple, but the layout gives the quilt eye-catching appeal. The finished quilt measures 54 x 68” and the kit, which includes the pattern, is available for $61.99.

Isn’t this sew cute? The little chenille sheep quilt is also sew soft for the little ones! It’s available in blue or pink, and with the new and improved Chenille cutter, it took no effort to cut the chenille. The finished quilt, which included the pattern and the backing, is available for $69.95. The best part is - no quilting required.